Harry Potter Tag Part One

Hello sweets!

For anyone that knows me personally, they know just how much of a Harry Potter fan I am, both of the books and of the films. Actually, it can be quite excessive sometimes, the amount of money I’ve spent on books and merchandise etc is crazy. I think if I had an accountant, they would probably have a heart attack! Here is Part I of the tag. It actually has a load of questions so I decided to split it into two parts. Look out for Part II very soon!


What house are you in?
I am a Hufflepuff, a very loyal Hufflepuff. I think everyone wants to be in either Gryffindor or Slytherin, but I am so happy to have been sorted into Hufflepuff!

What is your patronus?
My patronus is a Dolphin. I found a little breakdown on Tumblr of what the patronus’ are and mine says the following: Those with this patronus are typically very social and intellectual. If you have this patronus you are smart and quick witted. With an excellent ability to understand other people and empathise. Your fun loving nature can take my form, be it the life and soul of the part or individual activities, fun is your department.

What is your wand?
Acacia wood, 10 3/4 inches in length, a core of unicorn hair and it has quite bendy flexibility. Now I’m a bit of a Pottermore nerd and I read all of the extra writing that JK Rowling puts on there so I know that Acacia wood is very stubborn, often refusing to create magic for anyone but its owner (sound like me, I can be very stubborn at times) and the unicorn hair produces consistentt magic and is difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are however very faithful and can die if mistreated. I love my wand actually, I think it really fits my personality!

What would you boggart be?
Hmmm, that’s a pretty tough question. There are lots of things I am terrified of! But if I were to chose one, it would be the image of my family dying… pretty grim I know. My father recently had a pretty big health scare and that scared me more than anything has ever scared me!

What position would you play in quidditch?
 I would be the incredibly passionate person support my friends and my team on the stands…. I am terrified of heights and you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to get me on a broomstick!

Would you be a pure blood, a half blood, or muggle born?
I would probably be a half blood. My mother is a big Harry Potter fan so I would guess she would be a witch. My father on the other hand is about as muggle as you can get.

What job would you want to have after graduating Hogwarts?
I’m probably too much of a scaredy-cat to work as an Aura, as much as I would like to. I can imagine myself working at the ministry, maybe something to do with muggle relations. Or maybe a mediwitch or professor. Let be honest, I’d probably be as much of a job-hopper in the wizarding world as I am in the muggle world…

Which of the deathly hallows would you choose?
Ohhhh, it has to be the invisibility cloak. I love that story and its probably one of my favourite of all the stories in Tales of Beedle the Bard. Having the cloak would be amazingly cool!

There we have it! Part One of the Harry Potter tag! Are you a Harry Potter fan? Let me know what your answers would be in the comments below and let me know if you do the tag yourself.

Peace and pages


5 Replies to “Harry Potter Tag Part One”

  1. Lucybird says:

    I’m a fellow ‘puff, and pottermore agrees. I always considered myself a Ravenpuff but if pushed for 1 answer would say Hufflepuff, I think we are really underrated, I’m not sure why


  2. I love Harry Potter so much!! Btw I am a Ravenclaw! 🙂


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