Harry Potter Tag Part Two



Favourite book?
I love the series as a whole probably more than I have ever loved any other books and so it is very difficult to pick a favourite. I would probably have to say The Order of the Phoenix. I think because we get to see much more of the Order, which I love, and more of Sirius, who is probably one of my favourite characters.

Least favourite book?
Hmmm. I think the way this question is phrased, because there isn’t a Harry Potter book that I do not like. My least favourite book however would have to be Chamber of Secrets. I really didn’t connect to that one as much as I did the others. I also really dislike snakes, which put me off a little.

Favourite film?
My favourite film has to be The Philosophers Stone. I still remember it like it was yesterday… The feeling that I go when I watched Hagrid tap the brick wall leading to Diagon Alley with his wand and the wall transforming before my eyes. The same feeling I got when we got to see the vault doors at Gringots open and the firs time you get to see Hogwarts appearing in the distance while the students travel to it by boat… Pure magic.

Least favourite film?
Again, this one matched my least favourite book. That is the Chamber of Secrets. Again, I didn’t connect with this film as much as I did the others, and the presence of a huge serpent rather freaked me out…

Favourite character?
Ummm, I have a few favourite characters really. Sirius because he is everything that I wanted him to be for Harry. I wish we had gotten to see him more in the films. I loved the way their relationship developed. Next is Remus Lupin. I love that he’s a Werewolf, I also love the calm that he brings to situations. Lastly is Hermione. She is by far my favourite and have always inspired to be a little like her in a way. She’s fiercely strong and incredibly intelligent. She is also deeply loyal and caring. She’s just bloody brilliant.

Least favourite/most hated character?
Umbridge. I wont say any more than that…

Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
I think my favourite teacher at Hogwarts has to be Hagrid! I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone that dislikes him!

Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?
Umm, the only one I think that would be unpopular is that I really dislike James Potter… He comes across as a rightly bully and I really hate that. I wish he had been different.

If you could save one character from the final battle who would you save?
I think you could probably call this cheating…. but I would save Tonks and Lupin. I love them together and I cried a lot when they died…. Part of me would want to save Fred, because what is George without Fred… but it just had to be Tonks and Lupin in the end!


And there we have it! Part two of the Harry Potter tag! If you do this tag please link it down below!

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