Law School: Note-taking Tips


Hello there my lovelies! I really hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. Today I’ve decided to post something a little different. After much consideration and a Twitter Poll, I’ve decided to blog a little about my experiences at Law School, seeing as it will continue to be a big part of my life for the coming years. Now while I am studying law, I should imagine that the tips I share here will be useful for any course/class that you are undertaking.

# Be active

Now this might sound like a strange one, but it is one that I found out very early on. It’s no use just copying paragraphs out of books or writing exactly what your professor says verbatim as this will not enable you to comprehend what you are writing.

# Outline early

Outlining is a very important concept in law school, essentially it means outlining the course, which will help you prepare for future exams. This is something I did not take seriously last year and when it came to exam time I totally freaked. Outlining the work you complete throughout the year, while you do it, will help you create revision notes and exam prompts.

# Be you

It is well known that everyone learns differently. There are several types of learners including visual, aural, verbal and physical and different styles work for different learners. There is an abundance of information online if you aren’t sure what type of learner you are. What I am trying to say here is that it is important that you find the note-taking method that works best for you. For me, I am a big fan of traditional note-taking with a new age spin. I use my MacBook to highlight and annotate PDF’s provided by the university. I also really enjoy old school note-taking in notebooks and the middle ground for me is my Moleskine Smart Writing Set which allows me to take notes in a traditional notebook but this nifty little device then converts my notes into a PDF and emails them to me! Cool hey!

# Don’t stress

This is the most important tip I could offer. Do not let note-taking stress you out, it should be an aid not a hinderance! During my first year I tried to make my notes pretty as well as useful, it was so time-consuming it really started to make me anxious. Now I do not attempt to make the pretty notes you might see on study-focused Instagram’s, as long as they are legible I am totally okay with that!

Are you in school? I’d love to hear what you are studying and what your best tips for note-taking are so leave your comments down below!

Peace and pages

One Reply to “Law School: Note-taking Tips”

  1. I totally agree, you need to do what works for you. One of my friends would recopy her notes to make them look better and she learned that way, but I would have to make practice essay questions to see how in depth of information I knew and id just practice that when I was driving and then check notes when I got to campus 😂

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