Introducing: Blogger Spotlight

Hello my lovelies!

Just a quick little post from me today as I am currently sunning myself on the east coast of Spain and enjoying many a book and many a cocktail!

I’ve decided recently that as well as talking about all the books I love on my blog that I’d also like to talk about the other bloggers I love. Blogging is such a nice way to support books and authors and I though this would be a nice way to support and show off all of the bloggers that I am currently loving!


I’ve decided to do this every couple of months and so if you would like to take part in my little love sharing/ support showing exercise the please get in touch via email or Twitter!

And so this is goodbye for a week, as I hand you over to some of my lovely blogger friends. Every day this week you’ll find a post from a different blogger. They will be doing a little Q&A for you and I HIGHLY suggested you check every single of them out, their links will be in their individual posts.

Peace and pages

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  1. Oh thank you lovely! It’s so sweet of you to link my series! Home on Tuesday and the weather has been a bit of a downer today, but on the plus side I’ve manage to read almost 500 pages of a book!


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