Month: October 2017

Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hello my lovelies! Today I am coming at’chya with a tag post! I was tagged by lovely Amy of the wonderful Golden Books Girl blog to do the Rapid Fire Book Tag and so here it is! P.S 10 points to the person that correctly guesses the amount of times I reference Harry Potter in

House Cup Reading Challenge: Mid-Way Update

Good morning my loveliest readers! Today I bring you my mid-way wrap-up of the books that I have read for the House Cup Reading Challenge! I ran a poll on Twitter asking whether you’d prefer individual reviews for selected books or mini reviews for everything that I’ve read and almost everyone

Amazon Sale Book Haul

  Hello there my lovelies! Today I am bringing you a rather guilt-laden haul. Let me try and justify this to myself… I was having a particularly bad day, I didn’t binge eat or drink myself silly (kudos for that!) and Amazon were had an offer running… 3 paperbacks for

Let’s Chat: No Reviews Below 3 Stars?

Hello my loves! This is something that I’ve been thinking about posting for some time. Something that I have debated with myself time and time again. I would be really interested in hearing the view of others. There are two main reasons why I don’t post reviews for books that

Blog Tour: Wunderkids By Jacqueline Silvester

I first approached Jacqueline when she was searching for bloggers to take part in her blog tour for Wunderkids. I quickly read the synopsis and asked if I could be a part of it. The premise intrigued me so much that I just had to read the book! So for

The Harry Potter Spells Tag

Hello my sweets! This tag is one that I’ve seen floating around the internet for some time and I have finally decided to do it! It’s a bit of a mashup of all of the ones I’ve seen around but most of the questions I’ve answered below can be found here. Hope

Top Tuesday: Books I Read On Holiday

Morning my loves. Today I’m going to be giving you 3 mini reviews of the best books I read while I was on jollying in Spain at the beginning of the month. I read a total of 7 books while I was away for a week and the following books

House Cup Reading Challenge

Evening my lovelies! Today is really exciting because I am actually going to be participating in my first ever reading challenge! This is a very last minute post as I only heard about it half an hour ago and needed to get this up right away. The challenge runs from

Review: The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James

I’d been wanting to read this little beauty since it’s release and then I was lucky enough to win a giveaway run by the lovely Jenn and found myself in possession of a SIGNED copy. Talk about luck! Well, a little bit of luck at a bad time as the day I

Review: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

“nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.” ― Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim What a beautiful accident this was! Picked this book on the merit of the front cover alone (something I do much more frequently since I Am

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