Review: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

18144124“nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.” ― Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim

What a beautiful accident this was! Picked this book on the merit of the front cover alone (something I do much more frequently since I Am Pilgrim). Never have I been so completely enthralled by a book. So much so it has made its way into my top 5 books of all time. For me it was a holiday read. A read that had me skipping meals, going un-showered (only for 2 days might I add, before you go thinking I am a grotesque human being) and spending hours in the hotel room rather than exploring. I actually managed to read this in just 2 two reading sessions. So that should tell you something! I have read it once again since then, and will probably reread again in the near future.

This is a massive book of over 700 pages and from the outside looks like a mighty tome but I devoured it in such a short time, given the massive size of it! This book was a pleasure to read and kept me guessing the entire way through. I could bore you with your standard thriller clichés; a gripping page-turner etc etc. It definitely all of those things, but it is most of all is a bloody good book!

So it starts; the narrator of this book, codenamed Pilgrim, a retired CIA operative, finds himself drawn into a murder investigation of a woman in New York that is eerily similar to a book that he has written about how to commit the perfect crime. This whirlwind of a books takes you across the world and Pilgrim tries to solve this horrendous murder in New York while also trying to foil a plot that could threaten the entire population of the United States.

This book is well-written to the point where I could visualise so clearly the locations he is describing and feel the anxiousness that Pilgrim feels as he sets about his mission. It is brilliantly crafted and so credible it is actually frightening.

If you do one thing today. Get this book. You will not regret it!

5/5 Stars for I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. Pick up your copy here

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3 Replies to “Review: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes”

  1. Fab review! The size has been putting me off, it really is dauntingly long!
    Cora ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. . – . says:

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