Sharing the Love #One

Hello my sweets!

This post is something that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Back in October I did something called a Blogger Spotlight series where I asked some of my blogger friends a few questions about themselves. I was a way of showing of my friends and introducing them to you.

This one is a little different, as I am going to be doing all the talking and I’ll be telling you why I love them and why I think you should follow them immediately. This will become a regular feature on the blog and so if you’d like to appear here, leave the link to your blog down below so that I can check it out!


# Lia from Lost in a Story

There are several reasons why I love Lia. The primary one being the consistency puts out amazing content. She is very honest and her writing is just lovely. She is a fellow #CroneBlogger and we are currently buddy-reading Wonder Woman: Warbringer together! My favourite type of post from Lia is her Down the TBR hole feature, which I have been meaning to do myself for a long long time now.

Amy from Golden Books Girl
I’m pretty sure Amy was one of the very first people to follow my blog and so naturally I followed her back. Amy’s blog is one of the few that I read consistently. She comes across as super personable and I love that. Some of my favourite posts by Amy are her #sixforsunday posts. There’s been so many great ones but here is a favourite of mine.

# Jenn from A Page Of Jenniely
Jenn is probably the first blogger that I plucked up the courage to talk to via Twitter, and she was so kind and helpful we’ve remained friends! So much so tomorrow were meeting up for coffee and book shopping! She also created my favourite thing about Twitter… #CroneBloggers. My favourite thing about Jenn’s blog is that I can always trust her recommendations (we have such similar tastes in books!) and I love how her reviews are set out (it’s something that I envy!). You can check out one of her latest here.

# Laura from Laura Noakes
Here we have another #CroneBlogger! Laura again is one of my longest blogger/twitter friends and she is lovely. To start with her blog aesthetic is totally beautiful and her content is fabulous to match! Oh, did I mention she also has a Youtube channel?! My favourite posts from Laura are actually her life posts. She has a lot going on and still manages to be bright and kind and funny. Here is one of my favourite posts by her.

# Mikaela from The Well Thumbed Reader

You’d never believe it from her blog but Mikaela is just 16! Her writing is brilliant and she is unapologetically honest (I feel). I’ve been keeping tabs on her blog for some time now and never continues to surprise me with the great content that she puts out. My favourite feature of hers is her Let’s Chat feature. You can check out one of my favourite posts here.


And there we have it! The first 5 blogs that I have chosen to chat about in this new feature of mine. If you aren’t following these lovely ladies already I really suggested you do. Not only do they run wonderful blogs but they are also lovely people.

Peace and pages

3 Replies to “Sharing the Love #One”

  1. Thank you so much for including me in this Amy! It means a lot. I love doing Six for Sundays, I’m so happy Steph opened it up for everyone 😊
    Would love to read yours if you do any xx

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  2. Can I just say that I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO COMMENT ON THIS. I feel so bad! I went on a hiatus and then everything was so crazy with school that I couldn’t even find the time to blog-hop, but now I’m back!

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the lorvelu things you said about me; you are too kind and it always make sense my day to read them! ❤️ Thank you so much!

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