Top Tuesday: Best Crime/Mystery Podcasts

Hello there my lovelies!

Today’s post is a little different as it is not actually book related! It is however about something that has found it’s way into my daily routine, and that is podcasts!

When it comes to podcasts there are definitely things I look for. It is as bedtime (I typically fall asleep to a podcast) that I listen to them most, meaning that they cannot be so scary as to keep me up all night. I am also very picky when it comes to the narrators of said podcast, do ask me what it is that I like or dislike about them, because I honestly could not tell you. The final stipulation is that they are crime and or mystery related. There has to be something a little bit creepy about them, just enough that it distracts my mind from whatever nonsense is lurking around in there and I can drift to sleep. All of the podcast that I am about to mention fit that brief perfectly for me.

Note: These podcasts may not be suitable for children and come with all sorts of content warnings like rape and murder, to name a few. Please do not listen if this is something you are concerned about. 

Thinking Sideways
No of episodes:
Unsolved mysteries
Favourite episode: Disappearance of Maura Murray

This was probably the thing that got me listening to podcasts way back when. I have always been drawn in by mysteries, even as a child when my father used to read the Sherlock Holmes mysteries to me, so it came as no surprise that I loved this podcast. They release a new episode every Thursday and I swear it’s like Christmas. The episodes are typically around an hour long which is perfect for me. I’ve been listening to this podcast for 3 years now and I’ve enjoyed every episode!


Generation Why
No of episodes:
unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies, & true crime.
Favourite episode: Missing 411

I stumbled upon Generation Why podcast while looking for podcasts that are similar to Thinking Sideways and I discovered this little gem. Amy? You might ask yourself, why do you listen to two podcasts that are so similar? Well, that is simple. Podcasts typically release episodes one per week, leaving me waiting and hoping that the next one will come around soon. Doing it this way means I don’t have to wait so long between great content! I’ve been listening to this podcast for a number of years now and recommend it to everyone.
Last Podcast on the Left
No of episodes:
Horror, true crime etc.
Favourite episode: The entire Oklahoma Bombing series.

This is the newest of the podcasts that I listen to avidly on a weekly basis. I have no idea how a cam across it but I am so glad that I did. This one is definitely not suitable for children or those of you who are sensitive about difficult topics as these lads DO NOT mince their words. Their take is totally unique and refreshing, often making like of the situations in the name of humour (some of you may not like this). My favourite thing about Last Podcast on the Left is that they often split their stories into more than one episode, allowing for more detail and chatting etc. The episodes are a little longer than the others mentioned (typical around an hour and a half long) but this podcast is quickly becoming one of my firm favourites.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so let me know what you’re listening to in the comments section down below!

Peace and pages

2 Replies to “Top Tuesday: Best Crime/Mystery Podcasts”

  1. The only podcast I listen to very occasionally is Down the Rabbit Hole, which is about books!
    Amy x

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