Review: Dark Pines by Will Dean

35672370Hello my loves!

First of all I will say that this was a book that I found on NetGalley and it caught my eye straight away. I’m such a sucker for a black and white contrast book cover, especially during this dark and dreary time of the year.

Honestly, I am blown away by the fact that this is a debut novel. Admittedly at first, it was the cover that drew me to the book but after reading the synopsis I knew I needed to read it. Dark. Cold. Mystery. Thriller. Set in Sweden. Deaf and bi-sexual main character (hurrah for representation!). What more could you want? Honestly?

Will Dean has managed to create such a vivid setting with his writing, so much so I felt cold just reading it. Set in the isolated town of Gavrik, Sweden. The characters have such depth and such individual voices that I felt every single one of them was believable, especially with  their quirkiness. I found myself getting seriously attached to the main character Tuva, who is completely kick-ass, by the way.

This is the first ‘Nordic Noir’ that I’ve read in a very long time and boy was a spoiled with this one! I enjoyed this so much that I have actually pre-ordered a finished copy and it’ll be arriving on the day that it’s released.

Tuva, a deaf reporter moves from London to Gavrik to be closers to her unwell mother. She find a job with a local paper and decides to investigate when a body is found in the depths of the woods, the MO matching a serial killer that was loose in the 90’s, all of this despite her growing fears about everything around her, including the dense dark woods.


How did I rate it?

It is thrilling, mysterious and thoroughly gripping. I think this book will be a massive hit when it hits the shelves on the 4th of January and I’m betting you’ll soon be seeing it everywhere, and that would be totally well-deserved. I don’t want to tell you too much as I think it would spoil the fantastic ending! I rated Dark Pines 4/5 stars.

Peace and pages

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