Quick Reviews: Poetry Collections #1

Hello my sweets! Today’s post is a quick review of two poetry collections that I have recently received and read (both from NetGalley). Songs with Our Eyes Closed by Tyler Kent White and Bloom by Beau Taplin.


Songs with Our Eyes Closed by Tyler Kent White (released on the 30th of January)
This is a collection of beautiful, emotion and heartfelt poems. Tyler Kent White writes about topics that I am sure will resonate with everyone: of trying to find yourself, love and loss, and grief and depression. I find the style very similar to that of Rupi Kaur which is a compliment coming from me, as I really do enjoy her poetry too. If you are interested in trying more poetry but are a little scared by traditional poetry, I would definitely suggest giving this collection a go. I read it in one sitting and certainly wouldn’t hesitate to read more by Tyler Kent White in the future. 4/5 Stars.


Bloom by Beau Taplin (released on the 6th of February)
This collection evoked so many emotions within me. I laughed, I cried and I smiled until my cheeks hurt. The poems are pretty short but my goodness do they manage to make you feel an awful lot with such few words. The collection is beautifully written and it felt so honest, like he had shared the most intimate parts of himself with the reader. As with Songs with Our Eyes Closed, I read this one in one sitting. Upon getting to the end, I found myself wanting so much more. I will definitely be reading more by Beau Taplin in the future. 5/5 Stars.


And there we have it! Two quick reviews of poetry collections that I have read recently! Have you read them? Are you looking forward to them being released? Let me know down below.

Peace and pages


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