Recent Reads #2

Happy Wednesday my lovelies! today’s post is a little catch up with what I’ve been reading recently. I’ve decided that this year, rather than posting monthly wrap-ups, I’m going to give a quick review for all of the books I read and posting about them in groups of 9. Here are the next load of… Read More

My Favourite Books: Teen Years

Good morning my darlings! How are you doing this fine morning? Today’s post is the second in my new series “My Favourite Books….’ Today I am talking about the books that shaped my early teenage years. While some are individual books, others a just authors that I could not get enough of. Enjoy! Kathy Reichs… Read More

Why I Love Blogging: Bodies in the Library

I embarked on a PHD on Crime Fiction (and decided to blog my way throughout it) Elena Avanzas Álvarez Hi! My name is Elena and I love crime fiction. So much so, that upon graduating in English and American studies I realised that the only path that I wanted to follow implied getting a… Read More

Cover Reveal: Rats, Mice and Other Things You Can’t Take to the Bank

Good morning my loves! Happy weekend! Today’s post is an extra one and one that I’ve been excited about since Leslie contacted me last month. Today’s post is a cover reveal for her wonderful new book Rats, Mice and Other Things You Can’t Take to the Bank by Leslie Handler. Part memoir, part essay collection,… Read More

My Favourite Books: Childhood Reads

Since the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 I have loved reading everyones posts about their favourite books of the year, and that got me thinking. What about the book we loved when we were children? Do we still love them now? Today’s post is one that goes through some of my favourite… Read More