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My name is Claire Ogden and I am the reviewer behind The Addiction of Books, which is a book reviewing blog for sharing the love for the literary art form and spread the word about a really great book that I feel is necessary to rave about.

My Blog

I have had my blog for just two years, the first year (2016) was a success for me, mainly because I was active every evening sharing my posts and trying to optimise my reviews. My initial blog was created in Blogger and whilst it had a stunning amount of attention and views it lacked in abilities to create a more visual workspace and create additional features to the blog so part way through 2016 I switched over the WordPress with a new fresh look and the view to create more pages and features. Unfortunately the audience dropped away with the change and even though I had linked one blog to the other failed to click through to the new site, the numbers dwindled and I found at the beginning of 2017 the interest had waned and I was possibly not reaching an audience at all. The early part of 2017 saw a shift in the amount of time I could spend sharing the love as I worked away a lot and after taking on a new role mid year at work my time became consumed with everything else, by the end of 2017 I had stopped posting reviews altogether.

At the latter end of 2017 I had read a handful of books that were outstanding, knowing I needed to post my reviews yet since time had past since reading them I felt unable to give them the justice they deserve, the details not being as sharp and clear as they are right after finishing a book and I wouldn’t dream of waffling crap to fill the page. At the beginning of this year I decided to get back into the blogging community, with the view of completing those extra special reviews. I joined facebook in my blog profile and set up a reviewing page. I am hoping to reach a new audience this year allowing me to share the books I love and gain some exposure for my blog, getting me the credit as a good reviewer with a valued opinion that might interest others in reading something different or that I have recommended and then chatting about this afterwards.

I love reading books with others, I am not so much a book club fan simply because I have enough books without having to buy a new one each month to read with others, my TBR pile gets neglected enough as it is. I do love talking about good books though and listening to another readers perception of what the story meant to them and how they would rate the read. I did set up a section on my blog to capture this but I feel it needs more work.

So, why do I blog?

To shout about the books I really enjoy, to share the appreciation for the author, because we know it isn’t a easy task writing a book, introducing people to a new world or adventure when they contemplate their next book and to connect with like minded people to talk books, books and more books. Reading is the constant that grounds me providing me with an escape route when I need it most. There is nothing better than connecting with the author, when they actually understand that you (the reviewer) really ‘get’ their book, whether it be the story, writing style, characters or plot. Sometimes a book resonates with us for many different reasons and for the author to acknowledge this means a lot. I love an original story, I devour a particular writing style and these books feel few and far between but in the end I just want to share that book that made me feel so alive for those days of reading.

I read a lot of other blogs of a similar vein and this way build my own wishlist of next reads, I value good reviews and especially like those that talk about the books in more depth, characters as people, writing descriptions, the captured scenery the morale to the story, I look (and want to provide) that little bit more than just what can be read on the back of the novel.

My plans for 2018 are to interact more with the community, enhance my blog where I can, I have taken inspiration from others of late which I would like to incorporate into my own blog. Review those books that were outstanding and need to be shared and better late than never do a round up of those books I loved in 2017.

If you do fancy connecting, you can find me at any of these locations:

Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Bookchat, FaceBook (Profile), FaceBook Page

2 Replies to “Why I Love Blogging : Addiction of Books”

  1. addictionofbks says:

    Thank you Amy for giving me this opportunity to feature on your blog, it looks ace. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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