Law School Post: Finding Motivation

So. Christmas break is over and University has started back again. The biggest obstacle I am facing at the moment? Motivation, or rather lack of motivation. By the time I get to the end of the term I have usually managed to work myself into a nice little routine, which is completely demolished by any break that I have. Today’s post is what I try to do to keep my motivation high.


1* Use my tutor group forums. 
As a student of the Open University, I don’t have frequent lectures (I typically attend a lecture 3 times a month) and so I rely a lot on the online forums set up for us students. There is always someone online and someone available to chat if there is something I do not understand or if I am lacking in motivation. Studying online can get lonely without the usual lectures and so I find having this option really makes a difference.

2* Get ahead
As a standard, I try to be at least two weeks ahead of schedule with my school work. I do think because if an emergency pops up or I am unwell then I can have a week off without having to panic about falling behind in my work. This gives me a massive amount of piece of mind and I find that having that is very motivating. There is nothing worse than having loads to do, being behind and having no motivation to do any of it.

3* Be more organised
While I do try to stay two weeks ahead with my work, sometime this does not happen. Sometimes I can forget to do certain things or get the deadlines for assignments wrong and this can lead to a lot of stress for me. When I am stressed, the last thing I want to do is work. This is something I could definitely get better at.

4* Dont be too hard on myself
There is no one on this earth that is tougher on me than myself. I have always been this way and it can sometimes be very detrimental on my motivation. Very similar to the steps above, if I am being too hard on myself and am feeling that I’m not doing very well then my motivation disappears into thin air. I really need to get better at being kind to myself in regards to the work that I am doing. I am good enough and my work is good enough. Must remember that.


And there we have it, what I will be doing to keep my motivation going strong. Do you have any tips that might help me? Please let me know in the comments below!

Peace and pages



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