Why I Love Bloggers: Pretty Little Memoirs

When I was a little girl, I thought that the most magical thing of all was books (and I still do). The thing is, not a lot of my friends felt the same way. They preferred different things and reading was one of those “if I have to” subjects. So reading became something that I loved alone. For years I thought it was a lonely hobby, reading YA books in my bedroom, until I got my own laptop. I read about books online (maybe placed a few orders) and found people talking about book blogs. I clicked on a few links, like The Perpetual Page Turner and Anna Reads (two of my favourites to this day!). And they were amazing! They were called reviewers! I hadn’t heard of anything like a book blog before, except for the blogs celebrities had. I did research, scanned the internet, and stumbled upon a way to start my own blog. Maybe then I’d have people who loved young adult books like me. I fumbled together some of my favourite book titles and put them together to make Pretty Little Memoirs.

Fast forward a few bustling years, and reading isn’t a lonely hobby anymore. Even though the people that I had surrounding me as a child weren’t bookish, the people that I know now are just as excited for new releases and hate bookish spoilers like me. They love the characters fiercely and undeniably. They reach out, comment and tweet together about how books make their lives light up. I can’t imagine the number of friends I’ve made through my love of Young Adult books. The community is uplifting and oh-so-supportive. That’s why I know I can count on their opinions, their comments and their friendship. I truly believe that YA Book Bloggers are the angels of the bookish world. I’ve never had friends like this—always there for me whatever I do or feel—and it’s what keeps me coming back and doing what I love: sharing my love of books.

YA Book Bloggers are so much more than what they think. They are cheerleaders, professionals, clever and the best kind of people; filled with magic and fairydust. And they do it all for free—just because they love books! I know that whatever life brings, they will be here. That’s why I’m proud to be one of them, and why I love YA Book Bloggers.

Thank you so much Amy for having me on your incredible blog! (And for being one of the magical Bloggers!)

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