Month: February 2018

London Book Haul Part Two

Hello my sweets! Today’s post is the second part of my London Book Haul. The last part encompassed all of the books that fit into my Reading the World challenge. These ones were one that I picked up to read for Femmuary (which is where I read as many books as

Why I Love Bloggers: Pretty Little Memoirs

When I was a little girl, I thought that the most magical thing of all was books (and I still do). The thing is, not a lot of my friends felt the same way. They preferred different things and reading was one of those “if I have to” subjects. So

London Book Haul Part One

Good morning my loves! I hope you are all having a great day so far. Today’s post is a rather exciting, if a little naughty one on my part. Over the past weekend, my mother and I took a little trip to London for the weekend to see the History

Top Tuesday: Audiobooks of 2017

Hello my loves! On today’s Top Tuesday post I will be sharing with you my favourite audiobooks of 2017. Audiobooks have become a big part of my reading life as I spend so much driving for it. I love the fact that I can get on with my day but

Law School Post: Finding Motivation

So. Christmas break is over and University has started back again. The biggest obstacle I am facing at the moment? Motivation, or rather lack of motivation. By the time I get to the end of the term I have usually managed to work myself into a nice little routine, which

Why I Love Blogging : Addiction of Books

Introduction My name is Claire Ogden and I am the reviewer behind The Addiction of Books, which is a book reviewing blog for sharing the love for the literary art form and spread the word about a really great book that I feel is necessary to rave about. My Blog

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