Review: An Unremarkable Body by Elisa Lodato

Good morning my loves,

I hope you’re having a great day so far. Today’s post is a review of a book that has quickly become one of my favourite books of all time. An Unremarkable Body by Elisa Lodato.

You may have seen my post a couple of weeks ago called, _____ Picks My Next Read #1, in that I explained that Emma from my favourite ever bookstore, Bookish, had picked out a book for me to read, and it happened to be this one.

I’m going to try to be as articulate and succinct as I possibly can with this post, but because I loved it so much, there is more than a little chance that I will end up rambling on for a long time. Right, that’s 150 words for just the intro, get on with it Amy!

When Katharine is found dead at the foot of her stairs, it is the mystery of her life that consumes her daughter, Laura.

The medical examiner’s report, in which precious parts of Katharine’s body are weighed and categorised, motivates Laura to write her own version of events; to bear witness to the unbearable blank space between each itemised entry.

It forces her to confront a new version of the woman she knew only as her mother – a woman silenced by her own mother, and wronged by her husband. A woman who felt shackled by tradition and unable to love freely.

With the heart of a memoir and the pace of a thriller, An Unremarkable Body reveals an overwhelming desire to make sense of an unfulfilled life – and to prove that an unremarkable body does not mean an unremarkable life.

If you are looking for something that is incredibly action filled and fast-paced, this is not the book for you. I have no idea how Elisa does it, but she has managed to write a book (and a debut at that, might I add!) that while is slow-paced, is also completely gripping, you will not want to put it down. I had to stop myself from devouring this in one sitting, because I just didn’t want it to end!

Laura as a character is incredibly realistic and very relatable. Speaking for myself at least, as someone that is petrified of losing her parents, I felt like I connected with Laura in so many ways, which made me love her even more. Each chapter is titled with a line from Laura’s mothers’ autopsy report, showing that while one may have an unremarkable body, this may not be an accurate representation of someones life. In fact, their life may be anything but unremarkable.

There is a twist at the end of this book, I wont spoil it for you, but I will say it was very well done. It wasn’t at all sensationalised, nor was it something so dramatic it couldn’t possibly be true. It boosted the story while staying true to the plot and the characters. I absolutely loved it.

It is so rare for me to find a book that I love so much that I cannot stop thinking about it. In fact, it may have only happened a handful of times this year (and I’ve read a lot of books this year). This book did exactly that. So much so that I’ve also managed to get my hands on an early Elisa’s next book, The Necessary Marriage which is out now. She has certainly made her way to my auto-buy authors list and I have a feeling An Unremarkable Body will be on my favourite books of 2018 list, and well as plenty of other lists!

Okay, I’m going to stop gushing now, because I could sit here all day and tell you all the reasons why you should get this book immediately. If you do want to get your hands on on copy, you can find it on Waterstones, Amazon or anywhere that sells good books!

Peace and pages

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