Review: Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss


“Because they are men, I thought, because they’re in charge, because there will be consequences if you don’t. I didn’t see how she could not know that.”

Teenage Silvie is living in a remote Northumberland camp as an exercise in experimental archaeology. Her father is an abusive man, obsessed with recreating the discomfort, brutality and harshness of Iron Age life. Behind and ahead of Silvie’s narrative is the story of a bog girl, a sacrifice, a woman killed by those closest to her, and as the hot summer builds to a terrifying climax, Silvie and the Bog girl are in ever more terrifying proximity. 

I have been a fan of Sarah Moss for the longest time. I have read almost everything she has ever written and when I saw that Granta were publishing another of her works, a novella, I begged and begged for an early review copy. Thank the little book angels, I got one.

I’d been holding off on reading it for a little while, as I try to read advance copies the month prior to their release date, but I am a little sad I didn’t pick this up a little sooner.

I read this little book in one sitting as it is only 150 pages long, and that I how I recommend you consume it. Block out some time, getting on some comfortable clothes, brew your favourite hot drink and settle in for an unsettling story.

As with The Tidal Zone, this books is neither fast-paced not thrilling, what it manages to do despite that is create an unbelievable amount of tension. Moss writes the relationship between Silvie and her father perfectly, which is an odd way for me to describe their relationship, but once you read it you will understand what I mean.

I don’t really want to give much more away about the story because I think it’s one that needs to be dove into, without pre-conceptions. As with all of Moss’ books that I’ve read, I really enjoyed this one. A definite 4/5 stars. Have you read Ghost Wall or is it on your TBR? Let me know in the comments below. You can get your hands on this book when it is released on the 20th of September.

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