Top Tip for Writers by Laura Weymouth

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Today is a very special post. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Blog Tour for The Light Between Worlds by Laura Weymouth. Now, as part of that I managed to get my mitts on a proof copy. I read it in just two sittings and absolutely adored it. I would even go as far as to say that it is one of the best MG books I have ever read! Rather than me blathering on today (don’t worry, a full review of this incredible book will be coming soon!) Laura has written a post for the blog giving us all her top tips for writing! So writers, get your notebook and pen at the ready!

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Read Widely

I know this piece of advice gets bandied about a lot, but it really is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself as a writer. Read across categories and genres until you find your niche – the thing you really love. Then read more deeply within that niche, to discover what works, what’s marketable, what’s been done, what hasn’t, and which voices and thematic content resonate with you. Reading intentionally is the cheapest, quickest way to get a literary education!

Write with Abandon

When you start writing, don’t concern yourself with thoughts of publication. Give yourself time to experiment, to try new ideas, to make mistakes, to hone your unique voice and learn what sort of stories you want to tell. Too many new writers set their eye on publication right away, as if it’s the only thing that will validate their work. I spent two decades just practicing and playing with words, doing entirely outlandish things with story and structure and characters, and it’s given me a much greater sense of who I am as an author – how I write, and what I like to write about.

Learn to Edit

If you’re serious about eventually pursuing publication, the most vital thing you can learn is how to edit, both on your own, and to feedback from others. Once you complete a draft of a project, set it aside for several weeks, then go back to it with fresh eyes. Note how you can improve it, and then make the necessary changes. Try joining a writer’s group or getting online to connect with other writers in order to swap feedback. Not every suggestion will work for you – it’s important to develop a sense for when you’re receiving good advice, and when incorporating feedback wouldn’t be for the good of your story. But if you’re serious about writing for any reason beyond personal pleasure, learning to edit is a necessity.

Laura Weymouth is the author of The Light Between Worlds (Chicken House, £7.99). Find out more and read the first chapter here.


And there we have it, some incredible tips from Laura there. Have you read the book? I absolutely suggest you do!

Peace and pages

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