Bookish Gift Guide (Books)

Good morning my loves!

I cannot believe that I am actually sitting here typing out this post. There is one payday between us and Christmas. I know it’s cliche today say, but I honestly feel that this year has flown by and I’m almost not ready for 2019… So today’s post is the first of my gift guides. There will be another post on Wednesday rounding up on of the non-book gifts I’m recommending this year!

The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris // The Writer’s Map by Huw Lewis-Jones // Poems To Live Your Life By by Chris Riddell


Harry Potter Box Set by J.K. Rowling // The Chronicles of Narnia Box Set by C.S Lewis // Puffin in Bloom Box Set by Various Authors


That is all I am going to chat about today. I could honestly make this list as long as my arm. When giving books as gifts, I typically go for sets, special editions or gorgeous books with illustrations. These are some of my favourites at the moment. Would you like to receive any of these as gifts? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Peace and pages

4 Replies to “Bookish Gift Guide (Books)”

  1. I follow both RM and JM and The Lost Words is on my wish list. I think it would be appreciated by a range of ages. Good pick!

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    • tomeswithtea says:

      Thank you! Our local bookstore recently ran a crowdfunding campaign to get a copy into every school in the area, so the copy I have is signed, personalised and doodled on 😃 it’s rather a special book


  2. I tend to go for special editions too when I’m gifting books, I especially love the Mina Lima fairytales and classics.
    Cora |

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