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Blog Tour: The Six Loves of Billy Binns by Richard Lumsden

Good morning my loves,


We’re nearly there, we’ve almost made it to the end of the week! Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Six Loves of Billy Binns by Richard Lumsden. If you are after an utterly charming yet completely heartbreaking book to read over the weekend, then I have some great news for you. This little gem hits the shelves TODAY!


7At well over a hundred years old, Billy Binns believes he’s the oldest man in Europe and knows his days are numbered. But Billy has a final wish: he wants to remember what love feels like one last time. As he looks back at the relationships that have coloured his life – and the events that shaped the century – he recalls a lifetime of hope and heartbreak. This is the story of an ordinary man’s life, an enchanting novel which takes you on an epic yet intimate journey that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the universal turmoil of love.


My Thoughts

Now admittedly, this is not my usual kind of read, but, I did really enjoy this one. I generally tend to stay away from books written by folks that have become known for other things, such as acting. Now, I know that that’s my own bias, I just feel that often, the books gather attention based on the authors fame, rather than the merits of the book. I know, I know. That is silly of me to think, especially in this case. While I may not read all books written by actors, actresses and musicians, I think I’m more inclined to give them a go now.

Billy takes you through his life, the life of an ordinary man, and the people he has loved over the century he has been alive. He ruminates and reminisces about the monumental experiences he has had, from the two world wars, the Blitz in london and the swinging sixties. Sometimes rich in detail, often blurred at the edges, as ones memories would be at the age of 117!

I did find it difficult to reconcile the mistakes that he was making and his view of his own actions, but this just made him more realistic in my eyes, our view of ourselves often differs from the way others see us, either in a more positive light, as with Billy, or in a negative light, as I find myself falling into often. I actually found this book made me feel particularly nostalgic, for the way my Great Grandmother used to tell stories, before the passed away at the age of 93.


And there we have it, my stop on the tour. Make sure you check out the other stops on the tour, and you’ll be glad to know this The Six Loves of Billy Binns actually publishes today! So you can go and get your copy now!

Peace and pages



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