How I Pick My TBR 2019

Good morning my loves!

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently about if and how I want to do TBR posts this year. I’ve tried picking specific books in the past, but find that too restrictive. However, having not posted many TBR posts (outside of readathons) I’ve realised that I tend to just go for the new books I’ve bought. I saw this on Codie’s Booktube Channel. Now, while she has a glamorous looking wheel, I am in no way creative and so I’ve just stuck to note cards and a jar. I’ve taken a lot of the categories that Codie used but also added some of my own too, and here they are!

Middle grade – I own lots of great MG that I’ve yet to read // Aaronovitch – Author of one of my favourite series’, I’d really like to start re-reading it again this year // Award winner – this could be any of the books that I own that has won an award, either recently or historically // Author love – this one will be to read a book by an author that I love but haven’t read yet // Highest rated – I’ll be using Goodreads to pick the highest rated book that I own //Lowest rated – I’ll be using Goodreads to pick the lowest rated book that I own // Classic – I own loads of unread classics and so want to make my way through them // Austen – there are a few Austen books that I am yet to read and so I’d like to pick those up // Recent purchase – I will pick from the list of books that I have bought in the last month // Treat yo shelf – buy a new book, YAY! // Short book – a book less than 200 pages // Christie – I’d love to make my way through all of the Agatha Christie books that I am yet to read // Series – I’m terrible at finishing series’, the time to do that is now // 5 star prediction – a book that I think I’ll love // Non fiction – love non-fiction, need I say more? // Twitter poll – I’ll put up a poll on Twitter of 4 books to choose from // Young adult – own loads, need to read more // Modern classic – I own so many modern classics, time to read them // Retelling – fairy tales or mythology retelling // Representation – a book written by or including a character that is; POC, queer, mental health etc // Big book – a book over 500 pages // Beautiful book – vanity? probably // Sherlock – I’d love to make by way through all of the Sherlock Holmes stories // King – I’ve never read anything by Stephen King, it’s time to change that // Short stories – a collection of short stories // TBR vet – a book that’s been on my TBR for longer than a year // New author – a new to me author // 2nd chance – a book that I’ve almost un hauled or DNF’d in the past // eBook – speaks for itself  // Translated – I always need more translated books in my life

Every month I’ll be picking between 4 and 8 of the cards and then choosing a book that fits with the corresponding category. The number will vary depending on how many proofs I have to read and how many books I have to read that month for blog tours.

If you have any suggestions for categories, let me know in the comments!

Peace and pages

17 Replies to “How I Pick My TBR 2019”

  1. Loved the yay you did your tbr. When I do them myself I always feel restricted to those book and end up reading others. Amazing idea.

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  2. This is a great idea! I might steal it when I run out of people willing to pick for me 😂

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  3. bookishluna says:

    This is a really interesting spin on the TBR. Can’t wait to see how it works out for you Amy.

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  4. […] you liked this idea thank Amy-Louise, thanks to her I found this different way of doing TBR lists. If there is any book within a certain […]

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