Blog Tour: Are You The F**king Doctor? by Dr Liam Farrell

Good evening my loves.

Well, it’s finally happened. Burning the candle, not even at both ends, but just chucking the thing in a fire pit has caught up with me. Today is my stop on the blog tour for this wonderful book, and I am posting late. I’ve been a part of dozens of tours and I’ve never posted late. It’s hard to write this, but I’d rather be honest. I’m struggling at the minute, and posts may be few and far between for a little while, but I am here and will hopefully be operating at full capacity very soon. Anyway, on with the blog tour!

Love always,

Doctor Blog Tour Poster

61b56-0sWpL‘General practice is the great unknown. We stand on the cusp of the beyond. Science takes us only so far, then the maps stop in the grey areas of intuition, imagination and feelings: here be dragons. Lurching from heartbreaking tragedy to high farce, we are the Renaissance men and women of medicine; our art is intangible. Anything can walk through our door…’ Family doctor, Irishman, musician, award-winning author, anarchist and recovering morphine addict, Liam became a columnist for the BMJ in 1994. He went on to write for many major publications, winning a series of prestigious awards; in 2005, he was the first doctor to win Columnist of the Year in the Periodical Publishers Association awards. The book contains a selection of Liam’s best work, from his columns, blogs and short stories. Brilliantly funny, glittering with literary allusion and darkly wicked humour, this book is much more than a collection of stand-alone anecdotes and whimsical reflections, rather a compelling chronicle of the daily struggles – and personal costs – of a doctor at the coalface.

Mini review

I would definitely say that books such as this one are having their moment right now, and I am definitely cool with that.

I’ve always secretly wanted to work in medicine (genetics to be specific) and this is the kind of book that I have found myself looking for time and time again. It allows me the opportunity to almost experience what it might be like, without having to get my hands dirty.

What I loved about this was Dr Liam Farrell’s candor and humor. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud reading, I probably startled a few folks in the cafe… whoops. But it goes without saying that Liam has some exceptional stories to share and he does so in such a wonderful way.

To end my very brief review, I shall quote one of my lovely friends Rachel (who has also read this book) please buy the f***ing book!

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of this superb book, comment down below tell me why you love our NHS staff, and I’ll pick a winner two weeks from today!*


* you must be over 18 to enter or have consent from a parent. this giveaway is open to UK residents only. giveaway closes 21/03/2019 at midnight. entries after that will not be considered.

6 Replies to “Blog Tour: Are You The F**king Doctor? by Dr Liam Farrell”

  1. annecater says:

    Huge thanks for this Blog Tour support Amy x

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  2. Lainy SMBSLT says:

    Hope you are ok, take care of yourself Amy. I love the NHS for so many reasons, saving family members, providing a service that had I lived abroad I would be bankrupted. Amazing staff, colleagues and friends, so so many reasons xxx


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  5. […] Blog Tour: Are You The F**king Doctor? by Dr Liam Farrell ** […]


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