Blog Tour: Rocco and the Price of Lies by Adrian Magson

Good morning my loves!

How are you doing? I hope you’re all well and you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend if you’re in the UK. Today’s post is my stop on the blog tour for Rocco and the Price of Lies by Adrian Magson, published at the end of April by Dome Press.

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unnamed1960s, Picardie – France. Murder by suicide? Three senior government officials – a judge, a politician, and an ex-police chief – are all dead by their own hands. Inspector Lucas Rocco finds himself once more working for the Interior Ministry: undertaking an investigation meant to avoid a government scandal and ignoring unpalatable truths. He’s soon convinced that a common denominator must be at play… Rocco uncovers top-level fraud, theft and deception. Resisting the demands to reach a rapid conclusion, and realising the deceptions go right to the top. Soon, Rocco finds himself targeted as someone who must be stopped – and by any means possible.

My Thoughts

Okay. So there are certain things that attract me to books, besides the cover obviously. If I can a books blurb and find any of the following words, it’s almost a certainty I’m really going to like it:
Murder, government, scandal, investigation, deception and risks.
So let me immediately say that this book has all of the above things.

Now, even though this is not the first book in which we encounter Lucas Rocco, I firmly believe that you could read the series out of order. Handy for me seeing as I hadn’t read the previous books but I can now do that without getting all lost!

What I really enjoyed was getting little tidbits of information that our protagonist, Rocco, was not in possession of. It’s always a bit exciting when you know the answers and you’re waiting for them to work it all out.I’d also like to point out that this one would suit those crime fiction lovers who aren’t the biggest fan of gore, as this includes very little of that.

I realise that this review is pretty sparse, but really, how is one supposed to review a crime fiction without giving away all of the best bits?! What I will say, is that I sped through this thrilling book, and will definitely be looking into the other Rocco books very soon.



Adrian’s Favourite Books

I could make a list of favoured books as long as my arm, but I have to cover recent reads and ones which remain in my mind from further back.

I’ve always loved series books, which probably answers why I now write them rather than standalones. Here are my favourites in no particular order:

Leslie Charteris (The Saint series)

Any one of them because that’s what got me first interested in crime thrillers at the tender age of 8. (I blame my parents, bless ‘em). I just loved the idea of the freebooting hero fighting criminals. The language is now a little dated, but they got me to where I am now, so hat-tip to Charteris.

Leslie Thomas – ‘The Magic Army’
It’s Devon, 1944, and the area is invaded by American troops preparing for D-Day. I love this book because it deals with the humour and tragedy of the effects on the local community, and Thomas’s writing is sublime. I could say the same about all his books, especially ‘The Adventures of Goodnight and Loving’, which takes a man on an adventure of discovery after his world has crashed. Again, the writing is superb.

Brian Freemantle – ‘Charlie M’ (The first Charlie Muffin book) 
Again a series author, this a spy series with the kind of anti-hero I like. Charlie’s no superhero, yet he’s resolute, fiercely loyal and patriotic, and not part of the silver spoon brigade of upper-crust spies that went before him. Just great fun reads.

Peter O’Donnell – ‘Modesty Blaise’
I choose this because she was the first kick-ass heroine I ever read and she still hasn’t been bettered in my view, on paper or film. She didn’t need a Spandex cat-suit but simply her skills and survival instincts (okay, and her side-kick, Willie Garvin).

Jason Matthews – ‘Red Sparrow’
Another series of recent reads with a great female lead. Dominika Egorova is a Russian Intelligence officer and a committed Russian patriot. But she disapproves so fiercely of what Putin and his cronies are doing to the Motherland (and she’s been used and abused as a ‘sparrow’ (used in honey-traps to beguile foreign dignitaries and officials) she agrees to spy for the US as her way of bringing down those she hates.

Robert Crais – The Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series
Great humour, great setting (L.A.) and a great ‘buddy’ series of crime thrillers.

John Sandford – The ‘Prey’ series
Another crime series with two main leads – Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers. Crime thrillers with two very different leads. Easy to read and I always look forward to the next one.

Mick Herron – Slow Horses (1st in the Jackson Lamb series)
Contemporary spy series about a bunch of spooks put out to grass who never seem to be able to escape their past. Led by the disreputable Jackson Lamb, each one is a character in his or her own right. Great series.

Matt Hilton – The Joe Hunter series
Another series author who keeps coming up with great stories. Hard-hitting and intense, with kicks, kills and thrills enough to gladden the heart of any action-fest lover.

Too many to list, but I can’t forget Winnie the Pooh. If I was stuck for something to read on a wet, miserable day, it wouldn’t be crime or spy thrillers, but probably the complete Pooh Collection. Writing at is best.



And there we have it! My review of the thrilling Rocco and the Price of Lies! I want to say a huge thank you to Dome Press for organising this tour and a very special thank you to Adrian, firstly for writing the book, and finally for taking the time to let us all know his favourite books!

Peace and pages

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