UK vs US Book Covers #1

Good morning my loves!

I hope you’re well! As this goes live I will be at the airport getting ready for my holiday! As I am writing this, I am sat in Swansea Waterstones, looking out of the window, drinking a chai latte and eating a bakewell slice. Things are good. Now, I cannot take credit for this idea of UK and US book covers competing against each other. I saw this somewhere recently and I cannot for the life of me remember where! So, if it was you, please let me know and I will credit you xx


So first up we have The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer, which is a book that I totally loved. On the left you can see the UK cover, which, in my humble opinion, is beautiful. I think the colours and style reflect the period in which it takes place perfectly. It immediately drew me in. Now, while the US cover isn’t bad, it’s also not my favourite. I do really like the lady and the way she is sitting but there’s something about the colour of the text that’s jarring.

So who wins?
Has to be the UK cover for me on this one!

Here we have one of my favourite books of 2018, possibly of all time. Now, I love both of these covers for different reasons. The UK cover perfectly sums up the isolation that Tara experienced growing up. While the US cover focuses on the theme of education despite all barriers. I’ve thought long and hard about this one.

So who wins?
I think this one has to be a tie. Both are brilliant for different reasons.

So this book. This is the book were a stopped being a fighter and gave myself completely to the Taylor Jenkins Reid as an author. I loved the Seven Husbands, which I didn’t expect to, and I also loved this one, which I also didn’t expect to. I love the colour scheme of the UK edition and the font is some of my favourite I’ve seen on a book cover in a while. While there is something completely satisfying about the tones of the US cover.

So who wins?
I think I have to go with the US cover on this one!


Another book that has made it into my all time favourites. The Doll Factory is a deliciously dark novel set in Victorian London and features The Great Exhibition. I love that both covers include the bell jar, and butterflies. Both of which are prominent in the book. I think this one is a pretty easy one for me to be honest…

So who wins?
It has to be the UK cover. I absolutely ADORE it and it’s probably one of my favourite covers of all time!

Last up in this round we have Never World Wake, which was one of the buddy reads that Jenna, Reg, Luna and I read in the first half of the year. I do like both of these, again for different reasons. The UK edition has beautiful colours, but the mood the the US cover evokes is so fitting for the book.

So who wins?
The mood of the US cover just takes it for me this time. Great cover. Great book.


Okay, I promise I didn’t do this on purpose but this time around we have a tie! I wonder if one or the other will take it next time…? Would you have picked the same as me? Do you have any suggestions for the next round? Let me know in the comments!

Peace and pages

7 Replies to “UK vs US Book Covers #1”

  1. Great idea! I think in general I prefer the UK covers apart from Educated where I like the US one better

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  2. Ooh I love this!
    I think I agree with most of your judgements, except I prefer the UK Daisy Jones.
    Cora |

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  3. I haven’t read any of these yet! I think that I prefer the UK cover for them all apart from Educated…and it’s a close one!

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  4. Kristina says:

    Iknow who does that!! I got a blank but I got it 😂 Inge @ TheBelgianReviewer was the one i’ve seen comparing book covers for quite a while ! I absolutely LOVE thoses posts!

    Firstbook; the UK one is giving me a « great gatsby »feel to it-which I like! The US version of it I just think she looks wierdly sat … like, her position.. Apart of the second book that I dont like either,really, UK wins for me on all.

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