Good morning my loves!

I am so, so very excited about today’s post. I cannot take any praise for birthing this idea as it was the imagination of Rachel, with inspiration from Kelly, Danielle, Mart and Matt. Kelly and Danielle are the champions of #Orentober while #Fahrenbruary comes courtesy of Mart and Matt. Basically, for the months of October and February, these lovely people, among others, will be showing all of their love and support for the independent publishers Orenda and Fahrenheit.

The lovely Rachel however, decided that 10 other months of the year were bloggers like ourselves could be promoting the heck out of independent publishers, and so #IndieBooksLoveFest was born! Since the minute Rach decided that she wanted this to be a thing, she has been non-stop contacting publishers. At the time of writing this, there is only 1 months that haven’t been snapped up! How incredible is that!

Now, you may have some questions as to how to take part in this group love session and so I’ve taken the below information from Rach’s post, because she answers the questions far better than I could!


Is it ambitious?
Yes. It has the potential to go wrong BUT you gain nothing unless you are prepared to give it all you got! And literally EVERYTHING is being thrown at this project

What’s the plan then?
Each month, from August onwards, will have a totally independent promotion focussing on one publisher at a time. A snappy hashtag, a cheeky visual and off we go!

Will I get free books?
No, the idea is to be inclusive all the way, however, and that includes catering for all budgets. Indies have a tiny marketing budget, they have limited stock to send out and they need people buying their books. However, as the whole idea of the #IndieBooksLoveFest is to be inclusive , at the beginning of the month you will find a massive list of books by that publisher, which you can print out and take to your nearest library. Book publishers and authors make money when a library buys in books, so this will not only be a focus on book promotion, but accessibility and ethical book buying too! Something for everyone!

Can I join in?
Please, yes and absolutely! If you have read any books from the featured publisher, reviewed them anywhere, please share using the featured hashtag. If you have a book budget or a birthday, or other special occasion, and you fancy buying a book, share it on your Instagram, tag the author, tag the publisher, share the book love, use the specific monthly hashtag-it’s basically going to be one big party! One month at a time!

I’m a book blogger, can I be part of this?
It’s completely democratic so the entire focus is sharing the book love and promoting indies. At the end of this mad and crazy scheme, in August 2020, I’d love to feature a blogger a day right here,  so if you’d like to be one of those, drop me a line! As August is 31 days long, the first 31 to reply will be the ones featured, but any replies after that will go towards another book blogger feature. This includes bookstagrammers, bloggers, readers of any and every stripe, booktubers… anyone and everyone. It’s basically A HUGE BOOK LOVE IN!!!


Please tweet using the hashtag #IndieBooksLoveFest if you’d like to get involved!

Peace and pages

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