Desert Island Books with William Prendiville

Good morning my loves!

Today is my second and final post as part of the blog tour for the latest Fairlight Moderns releases. I’d like to thank Clare and Fairlight Moderns for the invite to the tour! So, this morning I have William Prendiville, author of Atlantic Winds, with me today to share the books that he would take with him if he were stuck on a desert island.




Atlantic Winds

It’s 1970s Canada. The small island community of Bear Lake is awash with rumours of layoffs and wildcat strikes at the mill. But for young Tom, nothing is more important than hanging out with his best friend, Cormic, except perhaps catching a glimpse of Sasha Dovonovitch, the foreman’s daughter.

When a tragic accident occurs at the mill, the whole community unites – but in a small town, pointed fingers and hushed gossip can only stir further trouble…


And now I’ll hand you over to William so that he can tell you what books he would most like to have with him if he were trapped on a desert island!


First off, thanks for the invite. And thanks for allowing collected/selected works.

“Collected Plays of Shakespeare’ – like, I think, a lot of people. Hard nut to crack but once you do it’s probably the most nourishing thing you can read, for an idle mind. I’m assuming I’d be idle. 
It teaches you everything you need to know about human nature, about the good things and the bad things we can do, and leaves you very free to imagine this plethora of personalities he’s created. I mean it’s endless how much you can learn from these plays. It’s really amazing. I say that in all humility, for, like I said, it was a hard nut to crack. I thought, ‘What’s all the fuss about?’ then, much later, after much reading, saw it. 

‘The Palm at the end of the Mind’ by Wallace Stevens. I love his poetry, and did from the moment I was introduced to it in some class, I can’t recall which, perhaps a survey course, in university. 
Plus ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’ and ‘The Snow Man’ might be a nice change of weather. I was raised largely in Canada. I like snow. 

Then maybe ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, in case I need to fish. No joke.


And there we have it, another in my ‘Desert Island Books’ series. Thank you again to William for joining me and Clare and the lovely folk at Fairlight Moderns for the invite to this most wonderful of blog tours. Atlantic Winds was published on the 11th of July so you can get your hands on a copy now!

Peace and pages

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