Would You Rather Book Tag

Good morning my loves!

I was struggling to think of something to post today as I haven’t actually finished reading the book that I planned to review when I found this on Kristin Kraves Books and loved the questions. So today, I am taking on this rather difficult bookish version of Would You Rather.


Would you rather have a friend who loses your books, or one who dog-ears them?Neither. Neither. Neither. We can’t be friends if you do either of these things…. Okay, so I’ve failed on the first question… Shock horror!

2. Would you rather secretly love a book everyone else hates, or secretly hate a book everyone else loves?
Definitely love a book that everyone else hates. There are a lot of books that I love that other people have really disliked, but honestly, I’m not that secretive about it!

Would you rather be stuck on a very long plane or train ride without a book?
Probably train. I feel like the movement of the train might lull me to sleep whereas flying terrifies me!

Would you rather have dinner with your favourite author or your favourite character?
I’d probably have to go with character. I’ve been lucky enough to have dinner with lots of my favourite authors and I having dinner with a favourite character would be a once in a lifetime event.

Would you rather date a character you have a crush on or your crush from real life?
It would have to be a character. I feel like men in literature are so much less of a let down than men in real life! Hahaha!

6. Would you rather have your favourite book turned into a movie, or your favourite movie turned into a book?
Some of my favourite movies are already based on books, so I think I’d go with a movie turned into a book.

Would you rather read a book with an annoying cliff-hanger, or one where your favourite character is killed off?

Favourite character killed off, definitely. I can’t cope with awful cliff-hangers…

Would you rather lose the ability to read any new books, or the ability to reread books you’ve already read?
Urgh, tough one. I think I’d have to go with losing the ability to re-read books…. because there are some amazing new and upcoming books… No more HP though….

Would you rather live in a library or a bookstore?
Definitely a library. So much more peaceful than a bookstore I think!

Would you rather lose your place or get a paper cut every time you read a book?
Papercuts are awful but I’d still take that over losing my place!

Would you rather have to always read in the dark, or always read books with tiny text?
Okay, I’d need some context. Is there firelight? Are there candles? Fairy lights? How dark is it? If so, that one. Small text hurts my eyes.

Would you rather read by a fireplace, or on the beach?
Fireplace! Without a doubt! The warmth, the sounds, the lighting. Perfect. What more could you want?!


I would love to see your answers if you end up doing this tag! Link me in the comments if you do!

Peace and pages


3 Replies to “Would You Rather Book Tag”

  1. Saba Tahir says:

    The title is so intriguing. Loved your answers, would probably fail on the first one too! lol
    I’ll be doing this soon – hopefully before the day ends. Will definitely tag you! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] decided to take on this different Would You Rather game in a bookish edition. I found this tag on Tomes With Tea and really liked all the questions even the mean […]


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