Desert Island Books with K L Slater

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* side note, this post was due to go live at 10am this morning and after several hours, I realised that I’d set it to 10PM instead, so it’s late – sorry folks! My review of The Apartment by K L Slater for the blog tour is still coming at the planned time of 6pm though so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Today I have the pleasure of having the lovely K L Slater on the blog we she is going to be telling us what her 3 desert island books would be! And so without further ado, I’m going to hand you over to Kim!

Thanks for taking part in THE APARTMENT blog tour and inviting me to write a post.

My three selected books for taking to a desert island are:

1313857960-IT SL Face
It by Stephen King

Back in 2011, I invested in an illustrated, 25-year anniversary-edition version of IT from Cemetery Dance Publications. The book is signed by Stephen King and all of the artists, including the late, great American illustrator, Glen Orbik. Stephen King has always been one of my favourite authors, particularly his early stuff from the seventies and eighties. My limited-edition IT has pride of place on the hall table waiting to be properly read and appreciated. I loved the 2017 remake of the IT movie and I think being on the desert island would give me the time and space to leisurely read it and finally appreciate the stunning artwork. I can also recommend King’s excellent non-fiction book, ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft’, which both inspired and instructed me when I was trying to get published.

Where I’m Calling From: The Selected Stories by Raymond Carver

I first discovered Carver’s short stories while studying for my MA in Creative Writing in my early forties and I was instantly captivated by his beautiful, spare prose. As a debut writer, I was astonished by how much he could say in so little words. My copy of this book is well read and loved but sadly it rarely comes out of the bookcase now due to time constraints, so it would be a real treat to read it cover to cover and enjoy my favourite story, ‘Nobody Said Anything’, again. I can’t imagine ever tiring of reading the stories in this book so it would be a good one to pack for the island.


Blankets by Craig Thompson

I love the idea of using images, as well as words, to convey a story and so I’ve always made space on my bookcase for graphic novels. This one is done particularly well and is a good thick volume, so ideal for taking to the desert island. I’d relish having the time to leaf endlessly through the mesmerising artwork. It was difficult to choose between this one and THE SANDMAN series by Neil Gaiman and multiple illustrators. BLANKETS in autobiographical and chronicles the author’s adolescence and his relationship with his brother and deeply religious parents. It is a tender and thought-provoking read. On publication, the book won multiple awards and was hailed by many critics as a milestone in the progress of the American graphic novel. A good graphic novel has the power to transcend the normal reading experience and the story can stay with you for a long time after the last page. I found BLANKETS to be such a book.

And there we have it, another in my ‘Desert Island Books’ series. Thank you again to Kim for joining me and Anna and the lovely folk at Midas PR for the invite to this most thrilling of blog tours! The Apartment was published on the 29th of August and so it is available right now exclusively from Audible!

Peace and pages

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