2019 Books of the Year – 2019 Releases

Good afternoon my loves!

This next post is all about the backlist books that I read and loved in 2019. If you’d like to but haven’t checked it out yet here is my best proofs of 2019 post and the best backlist books I read in the year here, along with the best non-fiction book here. But now, on to the best 2019 releases!

Milton in Purgatory by Edward Vass
Quite possibly one of the most original novellas I have ever read, and I’ve read a fair few. We meet Milton at the end of his dreary life and follow him on his journey through the most exceptional portrayal of purgatory ever (think tripping on acid style). Hard to describe this succinctly so I’ll just end with buy the book!

The Therapist by Nial Giacomelli
Another favourite from the Fairlight Moderns novella collection. This one couldn’t be more different from Milton in Purgatory. A couple head to a house in the woods to meet a woman who can hopefully save their marriage while the whole world falls to a deadly virus. Dark as heck and brilliantly written. You won’t regret picking up this little wonder, I can promise you that!

Expectation by Anna Hope
Would you think me a bit of cop-out if I shared the synopsis here with you? Because Expectation is such a surprising deep and complex novel that it’s difficult to describe. It ‘is a novel of the highs and lows of friendship – how it can dip, dive and rise again. It is also about finding your way: as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a rebel. Most of all, it explores that liminal space between expectation and reality, the place – full of dreams, desires and pain – in which we all live our lives.’ I loved every single one of the characters and found so many things in this book that mirror aspects of my own life. I read it in one sitting and wish I could re-experience it all over again for the first time.

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal
Art, love, obsession against the backdrop of Victorian London and the Great Exhibition. A truly stunning debut that I will cherish forever. A richly gothic ride revolving around Iris and her want to get out of the doll painting factory in which she works and lives with her sister Rose and become and artist. She meets the charming pre-rhaphaelite artist Louis Frost and agrees to become his model, on the condition that he teach her to paint. A happy ending, no? Not is Silas has anything to do with it…

In Two Minds by Alis Hawkins
Again, I’m planning a big project to do with the Teifi Valley Coroner series very soon and don’t want to spoil it but, as you can imagine, I LOVED book two in the series as much if not more than book one and I’ve been shoving this into the hands of everyone I know along with the first installment. I’m so pleased we can expect book 3 in May, now I just have to wait patiently until then….


And there we have it, the best of the best 2019 releases! Have you read any of these books? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Peace and pages

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