Blog Tour: Animal Societies by Ashley Ward

Good morning my loves!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been posting sporadically for a while now but seeing as things appear to be settling down with me, you might see more post from me coming soon. It’ll be lovely to get back into blogging again!

Today’s post is my stop on the blog tour for Animal Societies by Ashley Ward. So, keep reading for my review.


*  Thank you to Midas PR and Audible for sending me a gifted copy of this audiobook in return for an honest review.

Title: Animal Societies
Author: Ashley Ward
Publication date: 23rd April 2020
My rating: ★★★★☆
Audible Rating: ★★★★★
Length: 13 hours 36 minutes
Genre: Non-fiction


In our modern world of social media and relentless technological advancement, we are more connected than ever before. Though the scale of this connectivity is new, the instinctive desire to gather with our own kind has ancient roots. We can see the origins of our own societies in the social behaviour of the animals that share the planet with us. What’s more, human characteristics such as altruism, empathy, leadership and language can also be witnessed among animal groups.

Join Biologist Ashley Ward as he takes listeners into the intimate worlds of social animals. Journeying from Aysgarth Falls to the Great Barrier Reef, it becomes clear that animals are not so far removed from us as we might imagine. In a time where humans are struggling to navigate cityscapes, isolation and a loneliness epidemic, Ward shows us that studying the social behaviour of animals offers insights valuable in their own right as well as a window into the evolutionary basis of our own species.

My review:

I will try to keep this one short and sweet, because there are so many anecdotes that I would love to share in this review, but I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone that might pick it up in the future.

One of my favourite things about this audiobook was exactly that – that it was an audiobook. There is something particularly special about an author narrating their own books. It alters the listening experience and conveys so much more than just reading could. You can hear the passion that Ashley has for the topic and even though, I must admit, that bugs often creep me out, his passion is infectious, and I found myself getting more and more invested with each chapter.

There is only one reason that this book didn’t get the full 5 stars from me, and that is that sometimes I became overloaded with facts and new information. I’m not sure if this is down to the book itself or the situation we all find ourselves in right now – with this bloody global pandemic. I am a key worker and busier than ever. My brain has been awfully foggy over the last 6 weeks and so it could well be down to that. Having said that, I really did enjoy the book and wouldn’t hesitate in picking up another book by Ashley Ward in the future.

Final thought:

A great listen for non-fiction readers/listeners that are fans of the National Geographic channel. Also great for folk like me, perpetual learner, constantly craving new information about previously unknown subjects.

Thank you, to Amber at Midas PR, to Ashley Ward and to Audible UK for sharing this book with me and allowing me to share it with you all.

Get this book:

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