August 2020 Book Haul

Good morning my loves!

It’s Friday! Finally! Today marks the end of my third week back in work and I have to be honest, it’s kicking my backside already… A lot of these purchases are directly linked to that actually, I mean I think I deserved a treat!

I think I’m going to start posted these every months from now on, if only to keep myself accountable for my book buying habit. And I’ve actually already read 5 of the 21 books I’m sharing with you today, so I don’t feel too bad…

There’s so many and so I hope you’ll forgive me for not sharing the blurbs – we’d be here for hours! I have as always linked Goodreads for each of them plus marked those that were sent to me with and asterisk *. So, on to the books!

1. The Mothers by Brit Bennet // 2. Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey // 3. The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel

4. The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue // 5. Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce // 6. Funny Weather by Olivia Laing

7. How Much of These Hills Is Gold by C Pam Zhang // 8. The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa // 9. Boy Parts by Eliza Clark

10. Strange Harvests by Edward Posnett // 11. Love and Other Thought Experiments by Sophie Ward // 12. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

13. The Hiding Game by Naomi Wood // 14. Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett // 15. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

16. Those Who Know by Alis Hawkins * // 17. Intimations by Zadie Smith // 18. Summer by Ali Smith

19. The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow * // 20. The Story of Silence by Alex Myers // 21. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Peace and pages

10 Replies to “August 2020 Book Haul”

  1. The Memory Police is one of my anticipated reads

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  2. Wow, this looks like a wonderful varied haul! I would like to read some of these as well, especially The Mothers and Midnight Library. I really liked The Moonstone – although it’s quite long it’s very readable for a classic. Hope you enjoy reading all these lovely books! 📚❤️ X x x

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    • tomeswithtea says:

      I’ve already read The Midnight Library and I absolutely adored it – completely recommend! I picked up The Moonstone on a whim in a second hand bookshop but I’ve heard people say it’s very readable for a classic! Thank you! ❤️

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  3. guyportman says:

    ‘The Midnight Library’ appeals. ‘Tomes with Tea’ – that’s an inspired name for a book blog.

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    • tomeswithtea says:

      The Midnight Library is one of the few books I’ve already read from that might list. It’s exceptional – much like most of Matt Haig’s books. What can I say? I read a lot of books and drink a lot of tea!


  4. Some good ones here… I loved Miss Benson’s Beetle.


  5. Every time you post a haul I find more books I need 😂

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