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My Favourite Place & December Book Haul

Hello my loves! How are you doing today? I’ve had a particularly difficult week this week, work wise, and so what does one do when one is having a bad day? One goes to their favourite place and purchases some of their favourite things, of course! For those of you

#OrionOnTour Cardiff Part 2

Good morning my loves! Today is the second part of my posts about the Orion on Tour event. Here I get to talk to you about some of the incredible books that Orion has coming in the first four months of 2019. I am excited for each and every one

#OrionOnTour Cardiff Part 1

Good morning my loves!  How are you doing on this fine Monday morning? Today’s post is going to be a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. Firstly, I attended the Orion on Tour event last week and had such a fantastic time. Secondly, I had such a good

Recent eBook Haul

Good morning my loves! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are well prepared for the coming week! Today’s post is something you will definitely not see very often on my blog; an ebook haul. There are many many reasons for this, the primary one being I’m just not

The Swansea Blogger Collective – Meet Up #1

Hello my loves, It still feels awfully surreal that I am sat here on a Sunday afternoon, having just come home from the first meet-up, writing this post. Just a month ago, after seeing just how much was going on with the Northern bloggers, with their meet-ups etc, I tweeted

I drunk bought books….

Hello my loves! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far! Today I am bringing you a little haul. Now, before you say anything, yes I know, I am supposed to be on a Read Five, Buy One plan… Well, I failed, but I am back on the

Recent Buys: Bloomsbury Modern Classics

Hello there my sweets! Today’s post is another show of how little restraint I have when it comes to buying books. I visit the little town of Crickhowell once a week for work, and while I am there I cannot help but pay a visit to my favourite bookshop, Book-ish.

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