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2018 Check-In & 2019 Reading Resolutions

Good morning my loves! I think this past year I set too strict reading goals for myself, making them difficult to stick to. The plan this year is to set more generic goals so that my TBR for the year isn’t so restricted as it has been this year. 2018

New Goal: Reducing My TBR

Good morning my sweets! Hope you’re all having a good Tuesday so far! Today’s post is something that I have thought a lot about recently, and that’s reducing my TBR. I’m sure a lot of you will identify with, the feeling of wanting all the books, buying all the books,

2018 Reading Resolutions

Morning my loves! Today’s post is about the resolutions I have set myself for the coming year. Over the last two years I have set myself only a few such challenges and those were; to read more poetry, to read more short story collections and to read more non-fiction (at

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