How I Pick My TBR 2019

Good morning my loves! I’ve done a lot of thinking recently about if and how I want to do TBR posts this year. I’ve tried picking specific books in the past, but find that too restrictive. However, having not posted many TBR posts (outside of readathons) I’ve realised that I tend to just go for the new books I’ve bought. I saw this on Codie’s Booktube Channel. … Continue reading How I Pick My TBR 2019

Non-Fiction November Tentative TBR

Good morning my loves! Today’s post is the first one that’ll be going up post-unintentional-hiatus thing that when on. Having recently realised that working full time (in a pretty intense job), study for my law degree, trying to read enough books to review and writing five posts a week is just not something I can keep up indefinitely. I would love to be able to … Continue reading Non-Fiction November Tentative TBR

Charms Extra Credit TBR

Good morning my dears! Today is just a quick post to share a TBR for the #CharmsExtraCredit readathon. Now, this readathon actually ran from the 8th to the 14th of October, clearly I missed the boat on that one, but really would like to participate still. So, I shall be doing this one, by myself, on the 22nd to the 28th of October. The #CharmsExtraCredit … Continue reading Charms Extra Credit TBR

Spookathon 2018 Annoucement & TBR

Good morning my lovelies! Today’s post is one that I have been so so soooo excited for! Today I’m briefing you on the 2018 #SPOOKATHON and running down the books that I am planning on reading for it! This readathon was started by Lala and I am really looking forward to taking part this year. It runs from October 15th to October 21st and has 5 … Continue reading Spookathon 2018 Annoucement & TBR