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My Pottermore Sorting

Hufflepuffs value hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. The house has produced its share of great wizards – not least Newt Scamander, author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them The Common Room The Hufflepuff common room is entered from the same corridor as the Hogwarts kitchens. Proceeding

Let’s Chat: Is James Potter a bully?

Today’s Let’s Chat is a little bit of a different one for me. This is something that I have done on my blog before. As a Harry Potter fanatic, both the books and films, but there is something that has always bothered me. James Potter. Almost all of the snippets

House Cup Reading Challenge: Final Update

Morning my lovelies! How are you doing? Today’s post is the final update for the House Cup Reading Challenge. I haven’t included the second part of the reviews for this post because I just wanted to get it posted quickly, but keep and eye out towards the end of the

The Harry Potter Spells Tag

Hello my sweets! This tag is one that I’ve seen floating around the internet for some time and I have finally decided to do it! It’s a bit of a mashup of all of the ones I’ve seen around but most of the questions I’ve answered below can be found here. Hope

House Cup Reading Challenge

Evening my lovelies! Today is really exciting because I am actually going to be participating in my first ever reading challenge! This is a very last minute post as I only heard about it half an hour ago and needed to get this up right away. The challenge runs from

Harry Potter Tag Part Two

    Favourite book? I love the series as a whole probably more than I have ever loved any other books and so it is very difficult to pick a favourite. I would probably have to say The Order of the Phoenix. I think because we get to see much more

Harry Potter Tag Part One

Hello sweets! For anyone that knows me personally, they know just how much of a Harry Potter fan I am, both of the books and of the films. Actually, it can be quite excessive sometimes, the amount of money I’ve spent on books and merchandise etc is crazy. I think if

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